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It truly is. Whoever said Money doesn't bring happiness never had sh*t. Im not saying Money is Every thing but the lifestyle i crave, i need to have more than sufficient financial stability. The feeling of treating yourself to a pair of shoes you've wanted for the longest is an inequality to most feelings. It doesn't have to be shoes, it can anything. I remember my very first pair of Gucci sneakers I received for my 12th birthday. That moment of joy of slipping them on and tying my shoe strings cost me 460$ but to me it was all worth it. It was pure bliss. My Dior Aviators were a pretty penny but i was over joyed wearing them on a sunny Los Angeles day. I'll save up till I can go buy my object of desire. Yeah the most expensive things I want are just Material things. But fashion is a form of art. I appreciate quality . You can't "DRESS TO KILL" out of Forever 21.

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