Late Night Thought

Posted by Byrd On 11:51 PM
So "Lookbook," I used to be into it, but the more and more I look at these "new hip styles" the more and more silly this website becomes. It's like hmmmm what can I wear today that's "new and hip and vintage and hipster...but not hipster because hipster isn't cool. Oh I know! I'll take a picture of me in an "interesting" place in these odd clothes and post it online with other people who are competing with me to be just as interesting and odd! Then everyone can see how hip I am and maybe I'll even get on the front page!" But remember....they'll never admit to being hipsters. Really one honestly dresses like half the stuff posted on there and the other half, everyone is this website really that cool? Why don't you just fly to New York or Paris instead and people watch. It'd be a lot more interesting and worth while.
Don't get me wrong though, It was one of my guilty pleasures at one point...

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